Tijuana- San Diego Border by Quim Gil

Tijuana- San Diego Border by Quim Gil

Curriculum Vitae

Cinthya Martinez, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae
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UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Latin American and Latino Studies
University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High St, Merrill College #15 Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Email: cmartin7@ucsc.edu


2022 Doctor of Philosophy, Ethnic Studies, University of California Riverside
2019 Master of Arts, Ethnic Studies, University of California Riverside
2016 Master of Arts, Chicana and Chicano Studies, California State University Northridge
2013 Bachelor of Arts, Ethnic Studies, University of California San Diego


Immigration and Border Studies, Migrant Detention, Latinx Studies, Critical Carceral Studies, Feminist Theories and Reproductive (In)justice, Abolition, Geographies and Feminist Abolition Theory.


Martinez, Cinthya. “Book Review: Detention Empire: Reagan’s War on Immigrants and the Seeds of Resistance. By Kristina Shull.” Western Historical Quarterly 54, no.4. (2023). https://doi.org/10.1093/whq/whad102

Martinez, Cinthya. “Sexual Terror and the Prison/ Border Archive: Theorizing a Feminist Abolition Praxis of Migrant Detention.” In Resistance and Abolition in the Borderlands: Confronting Trump’s Reign of Terror. Edited by Arturo Aldama and Jessica Ordaz. Tucson: University of Arizona, 2023.

Shigematsu, Setsu and Cinthya Martinez (co-writers and co-producers). Abolish ICE: Abolish Adelanto and All Prison/Borders.” November 2023.

Martinez, Cinthya. “Book Review: Jessica Ordaz ‘The Shadow of El Centro: A History of Migrant Incarceration and Solidarity.” Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies 47, no. 1 (2022): 271-76.

Martinez, Cinthya. “Book Review: Shannon Speed ‘Incarcerated Stories: Indigenous Women Migrants and Violence in the Settler-Capitalist State.” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 44, no, 2 (2020): 107-09.

Martinez, Cinthya. “The Crossing Plan.” In Basta! 100 Latinas Write on Violence Against Women, edited by Emma Seplveda-Pulvirenti. Reno: University of Nevada, 2017.


Martinez, Cinthya. “Toxic Caging: Migrant Abolition Geographies through Cuerpo-Territorio. (Under Revision)

Martinez, Cinthya. ICE on Fire: Incinerating Violence through a Migrant Feminist Abolition.


Oct 2023 “Border Crossings: Global Migration in a Queer / Feminist Frame”

NYU Intersectional Feminist/Queer Studies Collective, New York, NY.

Nov 2022 “ICE on Fire: Incinerating Prison/Border Violence through Feminist Abolition Geographies”
Research Presentation at UC Santa Cruz, Department of Lattin American and Latino Studies.

Aug 2018 “Children Refugees in the Age of Trump.”
Speaker at Global Fund for Children Transnational Convening, Chiapas, MX.


2022 UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship.
UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

2022 Ford Dissertation Fellowship. Declined.
NACEM Ford Foundation.

2021 Racial Justice Now! Grant
University of California Student Association.

2021 UC President Pre-Professoriate Fellowship.
UC Office of the President.

2021 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship.
The John Randolph Haynes Foundation.

2021 Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Declined.
Association of American University Women.

2021 Honorable Mention. Ford Dissertation Fellowship.
NACEM Ford Foundation.

2021 Humanities Research Grant.
Center for Ideas and Society.

2020 Finalist in Davis Scholarship Fellow.
Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

2020 Graduate Research and Mentorship Award.
University of California Riverside.

2019 Travel Stipend to American Studies Association Annual Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. University of California Riverside, Department of Ethnic Studies.

2019 Travel Stipend to Critical Geography Conference in Eugene, Oregon. University of California Riverside, Department of Ethnic Studies.

2019 Graduate Student Grant.
Chicano Education and Cultural Fund Inc. Scholarship.

2018 Travel Stipend to American Studies Association Annual Conference. University of California Riverside, Department of Ethnic Studies.

2017 Graduate Student Award. Chicano Latino Alumni Association at UCR.

2017 UC Graduate Assistance Doctoral Fellowship.
University of California Riverside.

2017 Travel Stipend to the Modern Language Association Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA. California State University, Northridge.

2016 Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship.
University of California Riverside

2016 Travel Stipend to National Association Chicano and Chicana Studies in San Francisco, California. California State University, Northridge.

2014 Karin Duran Memorial Scholarship.
California State University, Northridge.

2008 Provost Honors.
University of California San Diego


2023 Roundtable. “Caring More for One Another than for Nation-States: Love and Solidarity Against Deportation Regimes.”

American Studies Association Conference. Montreal, Canada.

2023 Commentator. “Challenging the Violence of Detention, Deportation, and Debility.”

American Studies Association Conference. Montreal, Canada.

2023 Paper. “Resisting ICE’s Sexual Terror: Towards a Border Abolition Feminism,”

Abolitions Conference, Washington D.C.

2022 Roundtable. “Global Cartographies of Dispossession: Borders, Citizenship, and Crisis Catalyst for Solidarity.”
American Studies Association Conference. New Orleans, LA.

2022 Panelist. “Decolonizing Humanism Initiative”
University of California Riverside, Center for Ideas and Society

2022 Panelist. “(Un)disciplining Study: Convivial Research Methods, Counter-Expressions, Otherwise”
University of California Riverside, Center for Ideas and Society

2021 Panel Moderator. “How We Heal: Confronting Racism in Medicine.
University of California Riverside, School of Medicine.

2021 Roundtable. “Toward Chicana/x Abolitionist Feminisms.”
National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Virtual.

2020 Sponsored Session. “Surveillance and Enforcement”.
American Studies Association Conference. Virtual.

2020 Panel Moderator. “How We Heal: Applying Structural Competency to Care for Immigrant Communities Conference.”
UCR School of Medicine.

2020 Paper. “Abolition Geographies: Freedom in Migrant Women’s Body and Affect.”
American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Denver, CO.

2019 Paper. “Geographies of Necropower: Gendered Death at the U.S.-Mexico Border”
American Studies Association Conference. Honolulu, HI.

2019 Paper. “The Border is a Man: Race, Sex, and Gender at la Frontera.”
14th Annual Critical Geography Studies Mini-Conference. Eugene, OR.

2019 Paper. “Migrant Women’s Abolitionist Possibilities in Body and Touch.
American Studies Association Conference. Atlanta, GA.

2017 Paper. “Gendered, Death, and Violence in Political Discourses at the United States–Mexico Border and the Israel-Palestine Border(s)”.
Modern Languages Association Conference. Philadelphia, PA.

2016 Paper. “Borders as Gendered Space: Comparative Analysis of the U.S- Mexico border and Israel-Palestine border(s)”.
Latina/o Studies Association Conference. Pasadena, CA.

2016 Paper. “Gendered Violence at International Borders: U.S. – Mexico Border and Beyond”.
The Binational Border Conference. San Diego, CA.


Associate In. UCR Department of Ethnic Studies, Riverside
ETST 005: Introduction to Chicana/o History | Summer 2020
ETST 007: Native American Studies in Comparative Perspectives | Summer 2018

Teaching Assistant. UCR Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Riverside.
GSST 10S: Women and Culture | FA 2019; WI 2021
GSST 11s: Media and Women | Spring 2020

Teaching Assistant. UCR Department of Ethnic Studies, Riverside.
ETST 001: Intro to Race and Ethnicity | FA 2018; WI 2019; WI 2020; FA 2020
ETST 002: Intro to Chicano Studies | FA 2017; SP 2019
ETST 004: Intro to Native Studies | Summer 2019
ETST 005: Intro to Asian American Studies | Summer 2019

Guest Lecturer.
“Critical Migration Studies: Abolition Feminism of Borders and Migrant Detention.” |  Nov 2022
University of California, Los Angeles, Women of Color Feminism.

“Gendered and Sexual Violence in Migrant Detention”  | May 2021
East Los Angeles City College, Introduction to Sociology.

“ICE out of CA: Surveillance, Sanctuary State, and Immigrant Coalitions of Power”  | March 2020
Pomona College Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, Chicano Studies.

“Gender and Sexuality at the U.S.-Mexico Border” | July 2019
UCR Department of Ethnic Studies, Introduction to Chicano Studies.

“Race, Gender, Citizenship, and Politics”  | Dec 2018
UCR Department of Ethnic Studies, Policing and the Hegemony of Law.


2023- Present Member — Survived and Punished

2021-Present Co-Coordinator — Adelanto Network Post-Release Program

2022 Participant — Visualizing Abolition Dissertation Workshop

2021-2022 Graduate Mentor — UCR Chicano Student Program

2018-2019 Deportation Defense Volunteer — Immigrant Youth Coalition
2021 Conference Program Committee — Critical Anti-Violence Research and Action at UCR
2021 Power Map Focus Group Lead — Shut Down Adelanto Coalition

2020- 2021 Program Coordinator — Adelanto Visitation Network Pen-Pal Program

2020 Researcher and Script Writer — Sterilization Experiences of Women of Color Panel
2020 Conference Committee Graduate Assistant — American Studies Association
2019 Co- Founder — Latina/Chicana Graduate Student Collective at UCR
2019 Co- Founder — Critical Anti-Violence Research and Action at UCR
2016- 2018 Regional Volunteer — ICE out of CA Coalition
2015- 2018 Youth Mentor — San Gabriel Valley Immigrant Youth Coalition
2015- 2017 Co-Chair — Ethnic Studies Now! Azusa Coalition


American Studies Association
Latinx Studies Association National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies
National Women’s Studies Association
Detention Watch Network